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ICE 72

Номер объявления: 63989

Sailing boats / new

Price on demand
Оферент (промысловый)
Best-Boats24 Участник с 01.07.2014
Sea Independent BV
Grote Oost 24
NL-1621 BW Hoorn
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От Best-Boats24 и номер лодки: 63989
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Технические деталипоследнее обновление в: 20.11.2020

Год выпуска:
as new
Italy, ITALY
Общая длина:
21,60 м / 70,87 ft
6,00 м
Макс. осадка:
3,10 м
Материал корпус:
29 кг
191 кВт (260 л.с.) CUMMINS


The philosophy that drove Felci Yachts Design office during this project can be resumed in a very simple concept: Research of maximum performances, safety and comfort mixed together in order to create a unique sailing yacht. It was not easy to make these generally contrasting elements to joint together. Only the great experience of designers, technicians and builders allow to achieve this great alchemy. We are talking about a luxury Fast Cruiser Yachts characterized by a Mediterranean typology, created to live in a comfortable and equilibrate way, both outside and inside the yacht. THE PROJECT Moving on from the same canoe body, different deck lay out are proposed so that each client may follow his wishes and his own way of sailing. So it is possible to choose one of the two double cockpit configuration proposed by the shipyard, the first one, more classical, is characterized by a large guests separated cockpit and by a sailing manoeuvre dedicated aft cockpit, and the second one, oriented towards sailing efficiency during the long oceanic navigations, characterized by a very large aft bridge and by a generous manoeuvre cockpit. Or alternatively it will be possible to choose the new open transom version, to live your holydays in direct contact with the sea.

SI130419; Designer: Felci Yacht design, Hersteller: ICE Yachts, Italy, Ballast: 12.5 Tons kg;

TAKELAGE/SEGEL: type: Demolition rigged;
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