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ICE 62

Номер объявления: 63988

Sailing boats / new

Price on demand
Оферент (промысловый)
Best-Boats24 Участник с 01.07.2014
Sea Independent BV
Grote Oost 24
NL-1621 BW Hoorn
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Технические деталипоследнее обновление в: 20.11.2020

Год выпуска:
as new
Italy, ITALY
Общая длина:
18,82 м / 61,74 ft
5,29 м
Макс. осадка:
2,50 м
Материал корпус:
17 кг
110 кВт (150 л.с.) VOLVO PENTA D3


ICE YACHTS, the new boatyard, enters the market with the ICE62. A fast cruiser built for enthusiastic and competent yacht owners, who seek intense emotions and fun at the helm of a yacht with a high quality construction. The ICE62 is a very modern yacht with outstanding performance, comfort on board and excellent sea-keeping qualities. She is an Avant-Garde project or Felci Yacht Design. The production site of ICE yachts is located in the historic premises of Yacht 2000, who have more than thirty years of experience producing more than 80 prestigious maxi yachts. From a hydrodynamic point of view, the hull's waterlines, the T bulb throat and the deep rudder guarantee high performance, with impressive numbers underlining the up wind character, matched with the surfing potential when sailing down wind. In order to guarantee this performance the ICE62 combines hi-tech methods used extensively during the construction process together with an astonishing quality of the craftsmanship. Experience acquired during years of working in the marine industry, building many sailboats that have redefined the history of yachting. The option list for the ICE 62 is extensive. Full or hybrid carbon hull and deck, lifting throat, carbon mast, larger engine, CAN bus electrical and domotic system etc. The base price is a very competitive 1.400.000 euro and we can provide you with a detailed price quote including the options that you require.

SI130418; Designer: Felci Yacht design, Hersteller: ICE Yachts, Italy, Ballast: 5 Tons kg;

TAKELAGE/SEGEL: type: Demolition rigged;
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