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Technische detailslaatst aangepast op: 19.07.2019

als nieuw
Nederland, ENKHUIZEN
Totale lengte:
16,25 m / 53,31 ft
4,40 m
Max. diepgang:
2,25 m
Materiaal romp:
22 kg
81 kW (110 pk) VOLVO PENTA D3


Zeeman 52? a semi-custom built yacht, Made with craftsmanship by experienced dutch yacht builders. The aluminium hull and composite superstructure combines the best of both worlds. A strong hull with minimal maintenance and a composite superstructure avoiding electrolytic problems between aluminium and stainless steel winches and deck fittings. Semi-custom built, is the opportunity to fulfil the clients blueprint of his yacht. May be there is a teak deck, another interior lay-out or interior styling on your short list, even a centreboard version is possible. Zeeman yachts would make every effort to make the Zeeman 52 your dream yacht. Simple boat handling, Fantastic steering, great safety, The Zeeman 52 can be sailed single or short-handed. Boat handling can be done from inside the cockpit, thanks to six well sized winches. The solidly constructed cutter-rig of the Zeeman 52 with swept back spreaders and a jumper, will certainly appeal to the sea sailor. Sailing in heavy weather on a rough sea, running backstays will give extra support to the cutter stay, keeping the rig firmly in place. Safety comes first when you want to sail with a small crew to exotic and distant areas. The Doghouse with inside seating & charttable provide excellent comfort in rough conditions with visibility to all sides. The semi S-framed hull, and somewhat longer keel ensure seaworthy and friendly behaviour as well as excellent self-steering properties. The extremely well insulated boat will change your winter trip to the often cold Norwegian fjords in to a comfortable journey, as well as for long routes through the hot Caribbean waters.

SI120444; Designer: Arjen Keer, Naval Architects, Hersteller: Zeeman Yachts, the Netherlands, Ballast: 7.5 Tons kg; TAKELAGE/SEGEL: type: Sloop cutter rigged;
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