Die BEST-Boats24.net Händler-App bei Facebook

Screenshot of the facebook dealer app by BEST-boats24.net

From now as a boat dealer you could offer your complete stock of boats at Facebook too - in a speedy, plainly way and free of charge.

Take advantage of it and widen your customers to increase your sales numbers.


Under the index-tab of our dealer app the Facebook user find your complete stock of boats.

Interested persons are able to recommend your company besides that and you gain a profit from satisfied Facebook customers!


Create the Facebook site with your boat ads in 3 steps only.


Of course, you have to be registered at Facebook, before you can start. But this is easily done - our step by step guide leads you rapidly through the process.

First a membership of Best-Boats24.net is required, then you need your username and activation code form your admin area at www.Best-Boats24.net.


And now: Get your business at Facebook started!