Aktuelle Sicherheitshinweise

Security advices for buyers

Cash transfer

Cash transfers could been used with intent to defraud. Protect yourself against fraud in the context of cash tranfers via Western Union or Money Gram. Find out about the risks before a cash transfer. The procedure of the criminals: The supplier promise a right of first refusal to the buyer (the boat often is very reasonably), but demands a cash transfer to a person of his choice as security for that. Then as a proof, the buyer has to give the ammount and the receipient. Afterwards the money is withdrawn with forged papers. Believed securities (identity card or something like that) come to light as fakes, just as name and address of the alleged seller. In principle cash transfers are not very suitable for vehicle purchases! Transfer cash to personally known persons only. Never give details relating to paying outs to unknown persons. The fact, that a cash transfer happens to a relative or friend (or the arranging of a test question) will not protect you against fraud! Electronically transfered documents (identities, passports, etc.) never offer a complete security as a proof of the identity of a seller or as the document of title for a special boat.

Faked e-mails

If you exclusively searching for boats on our website as a buyer, Best-Boats24 will never ask you for confidential data - neither via e-mail nor via other ways! If you receive such an e-mail without any contact with Best-Boats24 first, this e-mail is a fake. Never give copies of identity cards or vehicle documents via e-mail to unknown persons. These papers could be used for criminal intentions.

Security advices for sellers

Cheque fraud

There is an increase of frauds with unsecured cheques during the processing of a vehicle sale. The procedure: The culprits often pass theirselfs off as foreign prospective buyers and get in contact via e-mail, fax or phone. Mostly they accept the purchase price without further negotiations. To pay the price the supplier receive a checque (mostly from foreign countries) with a way higher ammount than the purchase price. The buyer ask to give the difference a friend or transfer it back via cash transfer (maybe by Western Union, look above for risks cash transfer). For the most part the cheque bears a first examination. Later comes out that the cheque is unsecured or stolen. In some cases the seller were duped with this ammount only, in other cases he also lost his boat that way.

Cash transfers

Unfortunately cash transfers could be used with criminal intent - by buyers and by sellers. A cash transfer service (like Western Union or MoneyGram) is not suitable to carry out transfers with unknown persons! To avoid frauds transfer cash to known persons (friends, relatives) only. Never give details relating to paying outs to unknown persons. Copies of this documents could come into possession of third parties with criminal intent. The proposal to carry out a cash transfer to a friend or relative or to arrange a test question can't protect you against fraud as well.

The sale

Best-Boats24 is not involved in the sale processing. Best-Boats24 never hear who is buying a boat from who. All arrangings about the sale will be negotiate between the seller and the buyer. Best-Boats24 isn't able to give informations about the financial standing of a buyer or seller. If you receive an e-mail from Best-Boats24 with information about financial standings, this e-mail is a fake.