Video manual for the boat sale


A boat in water isn't as easy to film as a boat on a trailer. For a good result use a digital camera or a smart phone with high resolution.
Important: If possible, use a tripod during filming. In this way you will get smooth and clear film recordings.

Generate a significant increase of inquiries with an additional video in your advertisement.

How and where?

1. Choose a neutral background e.g.:

Film from a jetty to the water. If the boat is on a trailer, choose a meadow, an open asphalt surface or a water landscape as background.

2. Avoid zooming and panning.

3. Don't film other distracting boats, objects or persons.


1. It would be best if the day is sunny, best time is in the morning or late in the afternoon.

2. Prefer to take the photos in daylight. Indoor and neon light leads to bad illumination. Tip: You can support the existing light sources by using spot lights.

3. Avoid seasons. If you see a film with autumn or winter background during the summer, you may guess the advertisement exists for a long time.

A good film increases the attention! With a video of the boat you stand out from other advertisers. If it's not possible for you to film, a photo slideshow of your boat pictures is a good alternative and most of the time created quickly.


Your object should be shown from all sides in the same way, if that is possible. Same is for illumination and angle of the film recording.

Outdoor and indoor recordings

  1. Film in quiet surroundings.
  2. Focus and find the right setting, then press "Start".
  3. Hold every view for ca. 5 seconds, count it quietly.
  4. Start with a view front sideways in a 45°-angle.
  5. Then film your boat all around from all sides.
  6. Possibly you have to balance the incidence of light indoors by open/shut the doors.

Photo slide show

Assemble your boat photos and videoclips to a film. Very useful for that are software as e.g.: Windows Movie Maker. There you were pointed to create an intro and outro.

Intro (Greeting) of the video
Intro (Greeting)
Welcome to Boathouse Sampleman

Outro (End) of the video
Outro (End)
Did you like the yacht? Give us a call and get more info: 01234 56789

Going over the video again

Optimizing the sound

If you want to set the video to music, take care you have the copyright on the pieces of music you have chosen for your background sound.

Cutting and going over again

A presentation video shouldn't exceed a running time of 2 minutes. Avoid crossing effects, the so called "hard cut" is perfectly suitable.


In category "offer privately" in the specific input forms of motor boats, sailing boats, inflatables etc. you have the possibility to enter your boat data and up to 8 photos. After that you reach the password page with the option to upload your boat video. At point "Adding a boat video" you are able to either upload an own boat video, or enter the link to an existing boat video. It's also possible to upload a video later by logging in with your password and clicking on "Video management".

Your video will be added automatically to our Youtube channel and posted on Google+ So you reach the widest range!

You have further questions?

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