Text manual for the boat sale


People who want to buy a boat connect that to the object less than to the expected experience on the water. Boats are hobby, free time and pure fun. And this is what the sale-text of your boat should communicate.

Inner cinema! Communicate emotions and experiences in your text.

Text content

Emphasize the special features of your boat. Do something hold a special attraction? Is it very fast and manoeuvrable, luxurious equipped, with much HP, very safely or easy to handle? Remember which aspects did you like and the reasons you bought just this boat. Think about the things you enjoy going boating. Let the potential buyer participate in that pleasure and spark interest in future experiences! Stimulate his inner cinema!

Target group

Before you start with the wording you should discover who suits the boat most. The way you do the wording for your sales-text depends to a great extend on the target group. It is surely different for a sporting ambitious than for families with children or for security-oriented skippers. But sometimes boats offer something for everybody - and so we are at point 1 again.


Start with the wording when you have recalled the characteristics of your boat and the experiences associated with it and when you know, who the ideal buyer is.

  1. Note that you prefix the most important and outstanding characteristics, you best just use the headline.
  2. Formulate as much appropriately as possible. Use expressive adjectives while doing so.
  3. Intensify your wording with additions as: excellent, particularly etc..
  4. Formulate concisely. In times of abundance of information and trash text: come to the point!
  5. Additonal and background information better put at the bottom of the list. An interested person will read it.

Create emotions


a. more striking verbs

e.g. boating:

"Boating" is the correct, but also a very general term. You could boating in so many different ways and flesh out that activity, depending on boat and skipper. More vivid are formulations as: gliding through the waves, ploughing through the water, flying over the water surface, splashing offshore, swinging on the waves, cruising, setting course for etc..

b. more convincing substantives

Here we don't mean the technical precisely formulated term, which is known by a chosen few only. The subject rather is to clearly define and to call up even available experiences and knowledge of your potential buyer. Following terms are widely known and should activate particular associations.

e.g. boat:

more convincing: motor boat, sailing boat, catamaran, inflatable, jetski, rowing boat

c. use of adjectives

Adjectives are important to draw a detailed picture and to activate the inner cinema. Examples are: fast (motor boat), breakneck (speed) over smooth (water surface) etc..

d. use of attributes

An attribute qualifies a word type and could work intensified. With that it assesses in certain respects. Examples are: an outstanding fast boat, a distinctive quietly motor, an unbelieveable strong drive, an excellent equipped cabin etc..

Technical parameter

The technical data of your boat has to be listed completely and clearly. Missing information spoils the desire to buy, especially when you succeed in sparking interest in the beginning with good text and meaningful pictures.

So important is: List precisely, what is under the ships hull!

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