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Price list

  1. you have the opportunity to place a free-of-charge text advertisement or to add pictures to the advertisement
  2. all advertisements have a term of 4 or 12 weeks, after that you can prolong the advertisement
  3. the prolongation of a to there free-of-charge advertisement costs at least 18,90€ and includes the unlocking of all images for your usage
  4. for the additional options, like sponsored advertisement or exclusive advertisement, there is a term of 1 week effective, if you are interested in booking longer terms, please, get in contact with us
  5. private offerers are allowed to place a maximum of 3 advertisements

Image advertisement

Item Total price
Package Basic - 4 weeks 18,90€
Package Top - 12 weeks 49,99€
Package Premium - 24 weeks 69,90€
Additional options

Sponsored ad / Exclusive offer

Item Price
Advertisement at the top of the search results 19,90€
Exclusive advertisement on our main page 39,90€