Photo manual for the boat sale


For a good result use a digital camera or a smart phone with high resolution.
Important: Take all photographs in landscape format, sailing boats and catamarans as well.

Your first photo is visible in the search list already.
It should be a direct hit.

How and where?

A boat on the water isn't as easy to capture as a boat on a trailer.

Always correct is:

1. Choose a neutral background e.g.:

a) Take the photo from a jetty to the water

b) If the boat is on a trailer, choose a wall as background.

2. Don't show other vehicles, person or objects. Those things bring restlessness and distract the viewer from your item.


1. It would be best if the day is sunny, best time is in the morning or late in the afternoon.

2. Prefer to take the photos in daylight. Indoor and neon light leads to bad illumination. Tip: You can support the existing light sources by using spot lights. Avoid flash lights, because that would make the foreground stand out while the background is too dark.

3. Avoid seasons. If you see a autumn or winter picture during the summer, you may guess the advertisement exists for a long time.

Good photos increase the attention!
Every additional phote brings additional traffic. Use all 8 photos and increase the click rate.

Taking photos

Your object should be shown from all sides in the same way, if that is possible. Same is for illumination and angle of the photos.

Outdoor shots

Front view sideways 45°
Front view sideways 45°
Back view sideways 45°
Back view sideways 45°

Outdoor shots in detail

  1. Open the engine compartment and take the photo with flashlight
  2. Show the boat with all available tarpaulins
View engine compartment
View drive
View with tarpaulin
View without tarpaulin
Give attention to dry tarpaulins during the shooting. Else somebody may guess there is wetness in the boat. Lacquer the drive, spray could work wonders.

Indoor shots in detail

  1. Show the whole cockpit of the boat
  2. And also: Do not use portrait format, landscape format is always better
View cockpit
View cabin
View whole interior

File size, storing and uploading

  1. For every advertisement you can upload 8 photos
  2. Just upload JPG files up to 8MB
  3. Choose convincing pictures only

You have further questions?

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