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    BEST-Boats24 offers the opportunity to advertise your boat easily and quick, no matter if you want to sell your motor boat, sailing boat or rowing boat. Your advertisement stays online at least four weeks or up to 12 months in the boat market of BEST-Boats24. To keep this private boat market up to date, you will receive an email about the end of your advertising period to prolong it if you want.

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    It would be best to sell your boat at a boat market as BEST-Boats24, which brings the experience of more than a decade in that branch with it. Under column -Info- you find supporting manuals for optimizing your advertisement to perfection for a successful boat sale. After finishing the steps of advertising at Best-Boats24 you get a diagram which analyses your advertisement quality. If you need further help, you can reach our support on weekdays. So every success with your boat sale!

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How do I insert a boat?

First click the button "Offer privately" and then choose a boat category, for instance "motor boat". On the following page the boat data is necessary. Enter the basic data of the boat: year of manufacture, brand, model, condition and location. Next are the dimensions and technical details: length, beam, draught, material, weight, number of engines, performance, hours of operation, fuel and tank volume. For the equipment you have different folders sorted into topics. With one click the current equipment characteristic goes into the text field. About that take a look at our text-manual too. Afterwards enter price and contact data, click on the button "To step 2" and step one of threee is done. On the second step page you have the possibility to choose your image package and to upload up to 8 photos of your boat. All photos appear in a large format. The necessary file format is "JPG", the photo upload size shouldn't be larger than 8 MByte. About that take a look at our photo-manual too. Then click on the button "Finish advertisement". Depending on your choosen package, now you have completed the steps and get your advertisement password or you reach the payment page. On the payment page you can revalue your boat ad by booking additional advertisement options. In the middle of the page the currently booked price is appearing and below you find the payment ways, where you choose your favorite one by clicking it. After the successful conclusion of the payment process you get your advertisement password for future editings of the advertisement and you're able to upload a video to your boat ad. About that take a look at our video-manual too.

Where and from when will my advertisement appear?

An advertisement is already recorded in the database after finishing step one, namely the boat data page, successfully. From this moment on the advertisement is findable by using the search criteria in our boat search. After 24 hours the advertisement is also findable with our fulltext search. Possibly uploaded photos will be unlocked after receipt of the payment. Depending on the payment type, this could happen immediately or within 3 days.

How can I edit my advertisement?

After a successful inserting of a boat advertisement you get your advertisement password on the screen. Besides we send a confirmation e-mail to you which includes the advertisement password too. To edit your advertisement click on "Login" on top right of our website, besides the language selection. Following enter your password at "Edit private advertisement directly" and click on the button "Login". Another way is to click on the menu item "Offer privately" and then click on "Edit advertisement" in the top right area. After that you see the input box for your password. Use it and click on "Login". As soon as you are logged in you are in the editing form of your advertisement. Correct or replenish the advertisement data at will by editing the appropriate data fields. Our "Advertisement quality" at the top of the editing form gives support with it's different quality values to optimize your advertisement and increase the chances of sale. All changes have to finish with click on "Save" at the bottom of the page to take effect.

How can I delete my advertisement?

Log into the editing form of your advertisement as described above. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Delete". Please note: With that the advertisement is removed immediately and irrevocably from our data base. A later recalling is impossible.

How long will my advertisement be valid?

The advertising period for a boat advertisement is 4, 12 or 26 weeks, then the advertisement will be deactivated. Before, during and after that period you have the opportunity to prolong your advertising period for a charge. At the bottom of your editing form you find the duration of the period and, if required, the button "Prolong" to carry out the prolongation and the accompanying payment. Shortly before and after the end of the period you receive an e-mail which pointed out that the period is over and offers you a prolongation. As soon as you sold your boat you should deleted the advertisement because of avoiding unintentional customer inquiries. An automatic and final deletion of the advertisement happens when you go without prolongation up to 4 weeks after advertising period end.

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From our customers



Private ad prices

Basic30 days
Ideal for small boats
  • 8 images
  • Activation next working day
  • Free prolongation
Standard30 days
Ideal for well-kept boats
  • 16 images
  • Video
  • Activation instantly
  • Eye-catcherSponsored ad 7 days highlighted on top of search results
  • Social media advertisingVia Facebook and Instagram up to 1.000 clicks more
29,90 €
Premium30 days
Ideal for the most response
  • 16 images
  • Video
  • Activation instantly
  • Ad in magazine Skipper/BootshandelAd automatically in the next Skipper/Bootshandel
  • Social media advertisingVia Facebook and Instagram up to 1.000 clicks more
  • Eye-catcherSponsored ad 7 days highlighted on top of search results
  • Dealer-mailingSpecial newsletter to more than 2.000 dealers - You will get price offers
49,90 €

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