No inquiries - no costs!

Ingenious and uncomplicated - you only pay for real potential buyers!

If a customer is interested in one of your offers you get an inquiry by email, but without the contact data of this customer. You can read the inquiry text and decide if this customer is interesting for you. Then you choose to take the inquiry and work with it - or not.

  1. No matter how many boats
  2. No basic fee
  3. Only pay for real interested parties

How PAY-PER-ADDRESS differs from the monthly package price?

At PAY-PER-ADDRESS your company data get the clue "Contact via inquiry form" to make it possible you can choose between interesting and uninteresting inquiries. Other contact data of your company are not visible for the customer.

At a monthly package price your full contact data will be shown in the boat detail views and in our dealer directory.

You have no inserted offers temporarily?

Then you have no costs. This service is suitable for customers who are interested in specific inquiries but won't have a monthly basic charge.

What do you have to pay?

Basic charge 0,- € with unlimited number of boats. Per assumed inquiry only 5,90 €.

How do you pay?

You pay conveniently by direct debit.

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Or you have additional questions?

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