Our dealers prices

  1. Increase your turnover by the professional presentation of your boats in our data base; submit 8 photos.
  2. You will be given your own administration site with password and may therefore insert and update your offers on your own online.
  3. We put you on the dealers list, where your name will be found by searching by country or brand.
  4. We offer you the possibility, to publish your services in the A-Z yellow pages free of charge.
  5. You only once enter your data and then will be able to also integrate your range of products into your own homepage. The list of your range of products may be sorted by different criteria.
  6. We offer you a free standard homepage, of course with your individual address: www.b-b24.de/your-name!! Of course, we also can register your own domain and create your individual homepage.
  7. Of course, you will receive a complete documentation in order to get used to the new medium. Furthermore we are at any time prepared to help you personally.




OUR PRICES (monthly fee)

Packages Price Payment
Advertisements up to 5 incl. XXL-images 15,- € yearly
Advertisements up to 10 incl. XXL-images 25,- € yearly
Advertisements up to 15 incl. XXL-images 35,- € monthly & yearly
Advertisements up to 25 incl. XXL-images 45,- € monthly & yearly
Advertisements up to 45 incl. XXL-images 55,- € monthly & yearly
Advertisements up to 60 incl. XXL-images 65,- € monthly & yearly
Advertisements up to 80 incl. XXL-images 75,- € monthly & yearly
Advertisements up to 100 incl. XXL-images 85,- € monthly & yearly
Advertisements more than 100 incl. XXL-images on demand  

There won't be any hidden additional costs nor sale provisions. Advertise or sell your boats successfully online on Germany's big boat market with image preview.