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Your leaflet for the potential buyer

So you perfect your presentation

With the Best-Boats24 leaflet for dealers we give you the opportunity to raise your company presentation to a new level, because the potential buyer always receives an immediate response to his inquiry with all data relevant for him.

The Best-Boats24 dealer leaflet is a PDF data sheet with a clear and pleasent view including all stored data about your company and about a specific boat ad. With activation of the leaflet function all customer inquiries get a immediate response from us by sending this pamphlet.

The potential buyer receives a direct resonance, feels well attended and is able to form an opinion on the basis of the company description.

The advantages are manifoldly and obviously:

1. There is no time delay between customer inquiry and reaction. The leaflet generates the first contact immediately, your personal answer will follow later.

2. With the included informations about your company and the boat the customer is able to become acquainted with you. The setting up of the essential trusting relationship has just started with that.

3. You're presenting your best side in a nice leaflet and are able to influence the customers detection to your favour. That works professionally - automatically with every inquiry!