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Advertisement quality

The performance check for your ads

The new Best-Boats24 analysis tool in your boat list gives you indication of the quality of your advertisement and the possible improvement potential. With that you increase the attractiveness of the ad specifically and gain more customer access.

With the new advertisement quality Best-Boats24 gives an interesting tool for monitoring and optimizing the own ads in the hands of its dealers. Because with advertisement quality the user is able to see very easily, how well the own ad is set-up regarding marketing strategy aspects and where the weak spots or missing informations are. You can eliminate them specifically, whereupon advertisement quality will categorize the ad as a more valuable one.

So you increase the user access and have the full overview and control.

Advertisement quality divides the ad in the sectors "General data", "Description and price", "Pictures" and "Videos" and give a specific analysis for every part. Finally advertisement quality summarizes the results to an entire percentage, which shows the general quality of the ad.

Specific improvements to increase the entire quality of an ad aren't a problem any longer.