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About us

International network of boat professionals for boat professionals

BEST-Boats24 is one of the first virtual boat markets in Europe, which is now one of the five strongest at the international level. The portal was originally founded in 1999 by Frank Schüttler under the name Due to the strong demand beyond its borders, the international renaming to BEST-Boats24 followed two years later, also with regard to search engine aspects. In this way, the boat market developed from a small boat exchange to a comprehensive portal for boat lovers across Europe.

Consistent growth out of passion and tradition

Portal inventor and owner Frank Schüttler actually comes from the independent used and new car trade. At BEST-Boats24 he not only brings in his experience from the automotive industry - from programming to design - but also his personal contacts and his own passion for water sports, especially motor boating. As a company owner, but also a self-user, he knows how to implement his know-how in a targeted manner so that dealers can also benefit from it. With success, after all, BEST-Boats24 is characterized above all by its Europe-wide network. The portal lives and grows continuously through its passion on the one hand and its wealth of experience on the other. They are proud to be one of the first boat markets on the Internet to be one of the firmly established, old hands, which has always played an important role despite the strong developments in the market and the Internet in the past 10 years.

More than just a boat exchange

In addition to the user-friendly purchase and sale options for new and used boats as well as engines, BEST-Boats24, in cooperation with selected partners, offers a variety of additional services that add value to the user. This includes, for example, advice on the topics Yacht Financing and insurance, special accessories and videos on the individual models that can be found in the gallery. Numerous partners on all water sports-related topics are listed in the Business Directory.

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