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A boat purchase implicates a lot of consideration. The desired motor boat, sailing boat or inflatableshould be reasonably priced and impeccably anyway. But would you prefer to buy your boat from private or from a dealer? If you buy from a dealer, the boat is professionally checked and comes with warranty. In most cases a trade-in is possible too. On the other side, with a purchase from private a better price is common.

Should it be a used or a new boat? And which boat market is the one to choose if you want to sell your boat? While choosing the right sale platform you have to take care of how long is that company in business - the longer time, the more experience is there and the more established name has the market. The immediacy of the offered boates is an additional quality criterion for a boat market.

The great boat market since 1999

At BEST-Boats24, one of the biggest boat markets in Germany and Europe, you can buy a lot of different boats at any time - new or secondhand. With the searching routine you can filter by boat type, length, year of construction, brand, model, price and location to get the best results very quick. Since 1999 the boat market BEST-Boats24 is well known as portal boat sales and boat purchases. Thousands of customers per day visit our boat portal and for sure the boat of your dreams is up for sale on this site too.

On our boat detail sites you get some more information about the boat dealer: You learn the time the dealer is part of the market and get a description of the route to him. You can also see a financing example referring to the boat price.

Buying boats at the best price

How to find the best price for a boat? At boat markets, like BEST-Boats24, you get a quick summary of how much boat is affordable. The wide range of boats allows a price comparison of similar models. So you can estimate if the price of a special boat is realistic.

Buying boats from private / dealer

There are just as a number of reasons for buying a boat from private or buying it from a dealer. A good argument for a buy from a dealer is the warranty and the after buy care and service. The buy from private could be more attractive in price. For oldtimers or classic boats we recommend an on-site-expert.

Security advices

Your security is close to our heart. Therefore read our security advices before you finally settle for a boat purchase.

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Buying boats at best-boats24

You are just one click away from our huge range of used boats and new boats. Choose your desired boat category like Buy motor boats, Buy sailing boats, Buy multihulls, Buy jetskis, Buy rowing boats, Buy inflatables or Buy motors through the boat images above, and then you reach the specific search, where you can search and find secondhand boats and new boats from our boat range with many search criteria. After the search order is executed, the search result list appears, maybe including your dream of a motor boat, sailing boat, catamaran, multihull, jetski, inflatable, rowing boat, motor yacht, sailing yacht, powered sailing boat, cabin boat, sports boat, daycruiser, houseboat, fishing boat or much more. By clicking on a result of the list you go to the detail site of the boat where you find all the relevant boat data. Contact the offerer comfortably by using the integrated inquiry form. So now nothing should bar the purchase of your dream boat.