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Inseratsnummer: 3514992

Segelboote / neu / North Wind 68 Mediterranean Deck

2.380.000,00 €
Anbieter (gewerblich)
bei Best-Boats24 seit 10.06.2008
Barcos Nautica
Local 23, Puerto de Aiguadolc
E-08870 Sitges, Barcelona
Ansprechpartner: Carlos
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Von Best-Boats24 und Boot-Nr.: 3514992
Tel: 0034 93 8114413
Mobil: 0034 607 821 989
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Spanien Festland, BARCELONA, SPAIN
Länge über alles:
19,99 m / 65,58 ft
5,35 m


DECK FINISH: Teak 12mm. -   TECHNICAL DETAILS L.O.A 19,99 m. Beam 5.35 m. Draft 2.65 m. Displacement 37.050 kg Ballast 12.930 kg Design Sparkman & Stephens.DECK EQUIPMENT: 1 Hatches in the room raised cab. -. 2 hatches to forward cabins. -. 2 hatches for toilets. -. 1 or 2 hatches in aft cabin. -. 4 fixed portholes in the hull, 2 per band (saloon, aft cabin.) -. 1 Cardan wheel. -. 1 electric windlass anchor. -. 1 galvanized anchor  -. 150m calibrated galvanized chain. 150m of mooring line. -. 2 x 20 m mooring line. -. 6 fenders cylindrical. -. 2 Winches Primary. -. 2 Winches Side . -. 2 Winches mast foot. -. 2 Genoa rails, trolleys and pulleys. 1 mainsheet rail with trolleys. -. - jaws halyards and blocks to mast foot. -  BARCOS NAUTICA is Exclusive Appointened North Wind Yacht Broker, 

DIMENSIONS: LOA: 19.99 m, Beam: 5.35 m;

ACCOMMODATIONS: Number of heads: 1, CERTIFICATES & GUARANTIES: North Wind yachts are fully compliant with EC regulations, and are classified in the Ocean- going category . North Wind can manufacture under the standards of any classification agent. North Wind hulls have a 5-year guarantee against osmosis.CONSTRUCTION:  Hull and deck of sandwich-type construction, made under the strict control of the technical specifications of the process. The hull is laminated using the resin infusion technique. The method reduces the atmospheric emissions of styrene, produced by the catalysation of the resin, and it also cuts down on the amount of resin used in the hull, improving the structural strength of the hull, among other mechanical properties, obtaining a stronger, lighter hull.HULL & DECK: The hull is laminated using the infusion technique, with vinylester resin, which, due to its low permeability protects both the wet and dry side of the hull from osmotic processes. The sandwich laminate, with a PVC core, is compressed by suction using an air lock and vacuum pump, leaving the laminate bubble free, and obtaining the optimum impregnation of the fibres, with a uniform distribution of the resin throughout the entire hull. The optimal impregnation of the fibres minimises the resin content in the laminate, thus improving the mechanical properties of the structure, resulting in a stronger, lighter hull. The deck is hand laminated with a metallic roller, using a PVC core, vinylester resin and fibreglass. The core is welded with special adhesive. The materials used in the lamination are multi-axial and unidirectional fibreglass and Kevlar. Externally the hull is coated white Awlgrip paint. The inside of the hull is protected with gelcoat Additional layers of high solid-content epoxy paint under the water line offer an additional barrier against osmosis. The internal reinforcements of the hull are made of high-density PVC. The inside of the hull is protected by a two-component vinylester paint. The core is first bonded with special adhesive and then laminated to the hull with vinylester resin and fibreglass. Stainless steel plates over solid laminated (monolithic) areas are used to reinforce deck gear brace areas. Gear bolted on deck is mounted on high-strength marine sealant in order to guarantee watertightness. The area where the staysail rails are optionally set is reinforced with special unidirectional fibreglass and counter plates. The hull and deck are bonded using stainless steel bolts every 15 cm Inner lamination of the hull and deck is applied at a later stage to guarantee the watertightness and strength of the bonding. All structural bulkheads are bonded to hull and deck on both sides with special adhesives, endowing the entire boat with a high level of robustness, the hallmark of North Wind. The engine bench is constructed of fibreglass-reinforced vinylester resin laminated over a core of high-density PVC foam In those areas where the engine has elastic engine mountings, stainless steel plates are set in the laminate. The boat is delivered with two antifouling layers, and painted water and load lines in dark blue colour.DECK FINISH: All metal gear on the deck is stainless steel (AISI 316 or 316L) with a 'mirror-polish' finish on visible surfaces. The gunwale is part of the hull and it is finished in the same color. It runs continuously from bow to stern, the deck drainage is through scuppers. The entire deck, except for the deckhouse in the area aft of the saloon and the aft cabin, is covered with teak battens, adhered to the deck, previously impregnated and caulked with a black rubber cord for improved watertightness. The cabin is finished off with a white, isophthalic gloss gelcoat. The celing of the cabin is finished with an antislip of the same color For greater safety when moving around on deck towards the bow two solid teak handrails are fitted to the sides of the cabin. The companionway to the saloon has a sliding horizontal latch in the upper section, and a vertical latch that slides with a hydraulic action.KEEL & RUDDER: Keel NACA profile keel with a cast lead bulb with 4% antimonium to improve mechanical features. The keel is strongly secured to the hull with stainless steel bolts sealed with marine sealant and laminated perimetrically. Rudder Rudder shaft and frame made of aluminium. The sabre-shaped rudder blade, made of fibreglass with a high-density foam core, is fitted to the hull with self-aligning bearings. The top part of the rudder stock houses the connection for the emergency tiller, which is operated on deck. DECK GEAR Hardware 8 Mooring cleats in 'mirror polish' finish stainless steel and with reinforcing counter plates below deck. 8 Fairleads in 'mirror polish' finish stainless steel and with reinforcing counter plates below deck. 5 Fixed eyebolts with counter plates below deck for the pole downhaul and lifelines. 2 Folding eyebolts in the cockpit for safety harnesses. Stainless steel flat-bottomed stanchion sockets, specially designed for North Wind with a solid buttress for the insertion of stanchions. These are made of stainless steel tubes, 70 cm high, with stainless steel cable guardrail and adjustable turnbuckles. Two lateral boarding gates with deck fitting for the swim ladder, and a stern boarding gate with socket for the gangplank. 1 Crowfoot backstay with 2 hydraulic turnbuckles. 1 Flagstaff (teak) Chainplates Stainless steel standing rigging chainplates, sealed and solidly screwed to their corresponding counter plate and joined to a solid stainless steel structure bolted to the corresponding bulkhead and bonded with special adhesive in order to avoid vibrations during deck work. This design allows the rigging load to be transmitted directly to the hull structure. Stainless steel bow plate with stay brace, mirror-polish finish on all visible surfaces. The bow plate is braced with stainless steel counter plates laminated and bolted beneath the bow plate. The bow plate has an additional Teflon sheave for the emergency anchor. The bow plate has two swinging bronze sheaves for the anchor The complete anchor block is concealed, providing clear access and easier deck work on a clear bow. Hatches 2 Low-profile aluminium hatches in the raised saloon deck with mosquito netting and deadlight. 3 Low-profile aluminium hatches, one for each forward cabin, with mosquito netting and deadlight. 2 Small, low-profile, aluminium hatches for the guests' bathrooms. 2 Low-profile aluminium hatches in the aft cabin with mosquito netting and deadlight. 1 Flush-fitting, wood-covered hatch for the sail locker. 2 Flush hatches covered with teak for aft peak access Portholes 2 hinghed watertight portholes in both sides of the hull, in galley and in aft shower room. 2 Fix portholes in both sides of the hull in aft cabin Windows Raised saloon deck with panoramic recessed windows set in a fibreglass frame. 10 mm laminated grey semi-tinted glass windows, sealed to the boat with special UV resistant adhesives. Steering Pedestal, Cockpit Steering position with 2 pedestals, wheels, and compasses 1 Steering system with a cardan system. 1 Stainless steel emergency tiller operated from the deck. Works directly on the rudder shaft. Windlass, Anchor and Miscellaneous 1 Electric anchor windlass. 1 Delta-type anchor 1 50m calibrated galvanised chain. Chain calibration allows link-windlass adjustment avoiding chain slippage. 1 60m of anchor warp attached to the anchor chain by a link 2 30 m mooring lines. 1 Spherical and 6 cylindrical fenders. Winches 2 Primary 77 two-speed, self-tailing, electrically operated winches for the genoa sheet or Spinnaker. 2 Secondary 65 two-speed, self-tailing, electrically operated winches for the mainsail sheet and staysail. 2 65, self tailing winches - one electrically operated the other manual - for the mast foot halyards. Travellers, deck organisers and clutch hardware 2 Genoa full systems with traveller tracks, traveller cars and pulleys. 1 Fix point mainsail block with german mainsheet system Stoppers and blocks at the mast foot halyards Sheets 2 Genoa sheets. 1 Mainsail sheet.MAST AND RIGGING: North Wind will attend to those clients wishing to specify different mast and boom Mast, boom, Furler 1 Aluminium mast, with internal watertight tube for instruments and lights for Main sail Full Batten, through mast with on-deck neoprene deck chock, mounted on hull base with stainless steel fittings and securing hardware and back spreader rig. The diesel and black water tank air outlets are housed in the mast. 1 Aluminium boom, for Mainsail Full Batten. 1 Hydraulic genoa furler 1 Stainless steel standing rigging 1 Running rigging with pre-stretched halyards, including the following: 1 mainsail halyard, 1 genoa halyard, 1 emergency halyard, 1 topping lift halyard. 1 Adjustable hydraulic boom vang. 2 Backstay hydraulic turnbuckles. 1 Fittings on mast and deck for staysail. 1 Masthead lights, steaming light and anchor light.SAILS: North Wind will attend to those clients wishing to specify different sail options. Standard white Dacron sails bearing the NW logo. Mainsail 1 Full Batten mainsail with 2 reefs. Genoa 1 Furling genoa 130%.ENGINE: 1 240 HP, 4-cylinder diesel engine. 1 Tapered stainless steel shaft with split pin for propeller attachment. Solid bronze propeller bracket with hull bearing and bolted to a stainless steel transversal structure laminate. 1 Fixed three-blade propeller. 1 Engine control panel with rev-counter, temperature, oil pressure, timer, alarms, ignition and shut-off gauges. 1 Cable motor speed control in the steering pedestal Gasoil System 2 Approved aluminum diesel tanks with a total capacity of 1400 l with internal compartments. There are level gauges for both in the electronic control panel, and inspection and cleaning ports. Independent fuel tank filling pipes on each side of the deck. Fuel is conducted from the tank to the control valves and back in copper pipes with easy- access stop cocks, outside the engine room, acting as a fire-prevention system. Special exhaust pipe connected to a collector and a goose-neck in the center line. N/A Engine room insulation Forced ventilation in the engine room with electric extractor and fan, triggered automatically with the ignition of the engine, with magnetic switch on the panel and automatic thermostat. Soundproof engine room with a sheet of high density fireproof rubber foam to minimize noise levels throughout the boat. In order to keep noise down to a minimum, special attention has been paid to sealing and soundproofing all engine room access doors. Engine room lighting activated from the electrical panelELECTRICAL INSTALATION: Made up of a 24V - DC (Direct Current) system and another 230V - AC (Alternating Current) system. Part of the electronics and ignition of the motor and the generator use 12V DC. Batteries and Electrical Equipment 1 Service batteries: Group of 8 24V gel batteries supplying 960 amp/h. 2 Starter batteries: 12V batteries for engine and generator. Both of 55A (max 900A) 1 Alternator charge indicator (amps). 1 Parallel switch for the engine and generator starter batteries. 1 Chargers for 24V/100A/h service batteries 1 110 A / 24 V alternator to charge the service batteries with the engine running 1 12 V / 25 A Start up battery charger 1 Converter 24 V /230 V/2500W 1 24 V / 12 V converter for 20 A electronics. 1 32 A stainless steel earth connection. Electronic Control Panel 1 Complete electronic control panel with magnetic switches and circuits sized to requirements, digital charge and consumption read-outs, analogue fuel and water gauges. The main electronic panel is modular, allowing the installation of additional equipment. All AC circuits are protected by numbered double pole magnetic switches with LED indicators. The DC circuit, the engine and high DC current-consuming apparatus are protected by suitably rated numbered fuses. The 230 V AC section of the panel is divided into two separate groups on the basis of the power supplied. Each group has its own differential in the main panel, and is protected by a an earth conection. Level gauges for black water tanks are located in the electronic panel. Electrical Wiring The onboard electrical layout uses approved, tinned, cased marine wiring for 24V and 230 V. Cased in different colours (black 24 V) and separated in accordance with safety regulations. Bushings are used in the pressure bulkheads to run the cables along the boat. Cables are numbered at both ends for instant recognition. Independent 12 V/24 V and 230 V distribution boxes. 28 V halogen lamps in the ceiling of all cabins, galley and heads, with voltage stabilizers. Courtesy lights. 230V socket rack in each cabin, galley, toilettes, chart table and saloon. Automatic, door-activated lighting in lockers. Galvanic Protection Rudder shaft, tanks and metallic elements have an earth connection to a sacrificial anode, which is connected to the negative terminal of the batteries. An additional sacrificial anode is connected to 230V equipment. Electrical Storm Connection for protection against electrical storms. Mast, rigging and chainplates are connected to an earth plate providing protection against electrical storms. Each earth connection is independent thus protecting the system as a whole against electrical storms. However this connection doesn't warranty the protection of all the equipment on board Generator 1 10 kW/1500 rpm generator. 1 Controls in the boat's master control panel. 1 Individual soundproof casing.FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: All fire extinguishers are approved and located in accordance with safety regulations. 2 Automatic fire extinguishers in engine room. 1 Fire extinguisher in the companion way 1 Fire extinguisher in the aft cabin. 2 Fire extinguisher in each guest cabin. 1 Fire extinguisher in the skipper's cabinPLUMBING: Fresh Water Installation 2 Drinking water tanks with a total capacity of 1,000 l, made of 50 83 naval aluminium, with internal compartments, cleaning port and level gauge in the electronic panel. Tanks are connected and can be isolated by means of valves. Water is piped from the tanks to the pump, which supplies a five-branch distributor: heater, fore and aft heads, transom shower, and sink. PVC semi-rigid tubing with quick connectors. Different tubing colours identify hot water (red) and cold water (blue). Stainless steel taps. Exterior drainage pipes with stainless steel double flanges and valves. Water pressure system comprising one 17 lpm variable-speed pumps (hot water-cold water). Hot Water Installation 1 60 l AC electrical resistance water heater (230 V) and heat exchanger connected to the engine cooling system. Salt Water Installation Sea water enters through a sea-cock with independent stopcocks. The stop cocks are located in easy-access areas and labelled for fast, easy identification. Bailing System The bilge is divided into two zones, connected by a valve in case of flooding below the level of the starter motor, allowing the bailing pumps to work simultaneously. The engine bilge, which runs from the stern to the engine room, is equipped with 1 automatic 24 V pump, with 2 inlets, which can also be activated from the control panel. The pump can be activated with a manual switch from the main switch board. 1 Manual double-action pump, located in the cockpit, with suction in each of the two bilges. 1 Automatic submersible pump of 120 l/min the fore peack 1 Automatic submersible pump of 120 l/min the aft peack The fore bilge, which runs from the forward cabin to the saloon, is equipped with 1 automatic 24 V pump which can also be activated from the control panel. Black Water The 4 toilet bowls flush into a holding tank with deck port and capacity tank level indicator in the electric control panel. This tank is emptied by means of an electric pump with sea discharge, or by suction from a deck fitting All sea water inlet and outlet pipes are flexible with chromed valves. 4 manual toilets. Grey Water The head, galley sink and shower water outlets flush into a grey water tank that is equipped with an cleaning port and level gauge. This tank is emptied by means of an electric pump, or by suction from an on-deck flowmeterINTERIOR LAYOUT: North Wind will take much care to the requirements of the client in the interior layout decoration and will give personalized advice for the upholstery and other accesorises like light fittings, Interiors Exclusive North Wind furnishings. The unique style of our design department. Made exclusively with our own mouldings and panelling. All teak wood work is Burman, carefully selected by North Wind craftmen. Built-in and framed furnishings. Our many years of experience guarantee a high quality finish. Internal bulkheads and furniture are made of teak, specially selected by North Wind and veneered over marine panels. Woods used below floor level are laminated with resins and glass fibers and painted with high-strength polyurethane paint for effective protection. Floors are made of one side teak phenolic blockboard, wood strips with 4 mm grooves and a solid teak, hand-made border. All visible wood surfaces are given three coats of high-strength polyurethane varnish. Furnishings and floor are varnished in matt. Ceilings are covered with lightweight lacquered panels, with hidden screws. Metallic accessories, such as latches, knobs, etc. are stainless steel. Furniture doors are fitted with hidden ventilation grilles. Upholstery All sofas and seats are upholstered in alcantara wool fabric or similar Hatches are covered with sunshades and insect screens. Saloon windows have hanging curtains hidden behind wood sections. Interior Layout - Aft Cabin 1 Double bed with 2 drawers 2 Wardrobes, 1 on each side 2 Bedside tables 2 Armchairs 2 Worktops with 4 drawers1 worktop either side 1 Locker in volquead Aft Head 1 Toilet 1 Washbasin unit, and 2 locera underneath 1 Mirror cabinet with 2 side lockers 1 Independent shower with bench and locker Chart Table 1 Seat with a side stowage unit in the chart table 1 Space for electronic equipment 1 Control panel with 2 low lockers Saloon 1 Access cantilevered stairway 1 U-shaped settee on the port side, with stowage space underneath for seats and backrests 1 Folding revolving table 1 Locker in one of the arms of the sofa on the port side 1 Unit with drawers on the starboard side for hi-fi set and TV 1 Hanging locker for wet suits Galley Galley with pantry, with bulkhead mounted and floor lockers for stowage. 2 Worktops 1 Sink with waste bin Bow Cabins Each bow cabin has the following layout: 1 Single bed with 2 drawers 1 Folding bunk 1 Tall wardrobe Fore Head Each bow head has the following layout: 1 Washbasin with teak top, mirror locker above and a stowage locker below 1 Lower wardrobe 1 Toilet 1 Shower separated from the head with teak grating floor Skipper's Cabin Berth with 2 drawers Wardrobe Head with washbasin, shower and toilet Foldable stairway for access to the cabin from deck.GALLERY EQUIPMENT: 1 Stainless steel sink. 1 Gimballed electric cooker with 3 rings and an oven, including a pan holder. 1 Stainless steel grabrail and protection around the cooker. 1 24 V electric refrigerator. 1 24 V electric freezer. 1 Fume extractor over burners. 1 Microwave oven (230V AC).ENTERTAINMENT EQUIPMENT: North Wind will take much care to the requirements of clients that would like a different configuration of their entertainment equipment 1 Radio/CD/DVD. 12VSTOWAGE CHESTS: 1 Anchor chain locker with access from the sail locker. 1 Forward sail locker with deck access via a watertight hatch. In the stern section of the deck, aft of the steering cockpit, there is a teak-lined hatch leading to the locker. 1 Hydraulic transom stern gate which acts as swimming platform or access way to the aft peak when open.NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT: North Wind will take much care to the requirements of clients that would like a different configuration of the navigation equipment 1 VHF radio in chart table with repeater in binnacle. 1 8 (Chartplotter) multifunction display in the navigation station. 2 Analog displays for wind and close hauled wind. 1 GPS Antenna. 1 Multifunction digital display with sounder, speedometer and wind gauge. 1 Automatic pilot controlled from the cockpit.DOCUMENTATION AND PLANS: The boat is delivered with its Ocean-going Category EC Certificate. The boat will be fitted with an identification and design plate. North Wind provides a detailed Users' Manual with plans outlining the boat's installations and systems. The statutory guarantees on OEM equipment shall be determined by each manufacturer.EMPRESA: La Empresa presenta la información de esta embarcación de buena fe
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